Meet The Dolls

Addy, my first doll.  I got her for Christmas when I was 10, way back in 1998. 
It seemed like I had been asking for her for about 15 years, but I figure
it was probably about two at most.

Nicki, GOTY 2007.  My first doll as an "adult."  I bought her myself 
direct from AG in '07.

Samantha.  I got her for my 20th birthday in August of 2008, just months
before she was archived.

Nellie.  The first doll I picked out in person.  I got her at AGPLA
not long after the archive was announced in '08.

Wendy.  Wendy is a PM AGOT #12.  A friend had a doll like her
when I was a kid... this was the doll that made me want an AG.
I got her on eBay for less than any of my other dolls to date.

Quinn (fka Mia, GOTY 2008).  I got Quinn for Christmas in '08
from my mom.

Molly, the doll who was meant to be my second but actually came
much later.  She was an eBay rescue in 2009.

Taylor (MyAG # 25).  I got her used from a board member in '09.

Ivy.  I got Ivy for my 21st birthday in 2009.  At my house,
she's the '70s historical, not the friend doll.

In 2009, when AG announced Kirsten's archival, she was already on
my list.  I happily moved her to the top of the list.

Ashley (MyAG #26).  When I went to AGPLA a couple of days before
Christmas in '09, I didn't know which doll I was going to get.
This is the one that stole my heart that day.

Marisol, GOTY 2005.  I wanted her since she was released way back
when.  I got her for a "graduation" present in 2010... she's pretty
enough to be considered "worth the wait."

Amira, transitional JLY #11.  This was a doll I wanted for a
long time, and started to assume I'd never own.
I eventually got her from someone on the message board.

Brittany, PM AGOT #7.  I got her at the same time as Amira.  I wasn't
in the market for her, but I'm happy I got her as I love her character.

Felicity.  I got her for Christmas in 2010.  I've always liked her
character and time period, but the eyes held me back from 
getting her for a long time.  I'm used to them now, although
she's definitely going to be my only doll with those eyes. =P

Josefina.  She's a doll I've entertained the idea of getting at least once or twice a 
year since she was released!  I finally got a gorgeous PM 'Fina from
eBay for a great price in 2011.

Lucy (MyAG #4).  I bought her used from a board member in 2011, shortly 
after she disappeared from the site.  I almost got her the year before
for my birthday, but I got an Ellowyne instead.  I felt so lucky to snag her when I did!

Peter is my first custom and my first boy.  He began his life as a PM #14.
I never intended to have a boy doll, but when I saw him for sale, he looked
so like this character that had always existed in my writing that I had to snag him.

Charisma (fka Kanani, GOTY 2011).  All year, I thought Nani was
a beautiful doll, but the character and story didn't do much for me.
So I made my own character and eventually got her for my birthday in August of '11.

Ellen (fka Ruthie) is my first original historical character.  Her character
and story evolved bit by bit over a long while.  Her stories take
place between 1938-1941.

Cécile came to live here in April of 2012.  I had debated between her and Ellen for Christmas, so I'm glad to finally have her!

Alice, my second custom and my mini-me.  Alice started life as a #26, had her eyes swapped to brown by the very talented Jodybo and her hair straightened by yours truly.  Her personality is a mix of me now and when I was 10, and she's Ashley's sister.

Zuzu, the final Beaumont.  Zuzu is a Mattel #14 with the newer style wig.  Though I have many MyAGs with bangs, she's the only one with that wig style, and she's my first InnerstarU student.  I added freckles so she could match her twin brother.

Salima is my long awaited Egyptian girl.  I always loved #15 and considered the doll a maybe, but I found her for sale on the message board for a great price and couldn't resist.  She's my only medium skinned classic mold doll.

McKenna came to live here for Christmas 2012.  I liked her and her collection all year and I was happy that I did end up getting a chance to add her.

I did not want to be as interested in Saige as I ended up being.  But everything about her enchanted me, and she joined the doll fam in April of 2013.

For the longest time, I had wanted a Nancy Drew doll, but I was undecided if I should go with an historical Nancy or a more modern one.  When the Molly and Emily archival was announced, I decided to stop dragging my feet and get Emily as my homage to movie!Nancy, who carries off vintage and modern styles effortlessly.

Holland, MyAG #61.  From the moment I saw this doll, I wanted her, and finally I got her as a late birthday present in 2014.  My first doll in over a year... and she's so gorgeous that she turned out to be worth all the waiting, complaining... maybe even a little pouting, lol.

I had been wanting Rebecca since she was released in 2009, so, nudged on by her gorgeous LE School Play Set, I got her for Christmas 2014.

Kara, #27, is young Supergirl, based on a series of stories I wrote where Supergirl came to Earth as a ten year old girl.

Noah, my one and only bitty.  She's a very early bitty, during the transition 
from ONB.  I got her on eBay for $12.

Claire, my first off-brand doll.  She's an Our Generation "Sydney Lee."
I needed a "bully" character for Wendy's stories and didn't want to 
spend $100 for a doll who was going to be mean, lol.  Interestingly enough,
this brat has grown on me!

Loren is a cute little OG Neve that I picked up at Target.  I hadn't planned to add her, but I'm really glad I did.  I'm a real sucker for that dark hair/blue eye look!

Keisha, my only Magic Attic Club doll.  I was lucky enough to
snag her on eBay for a steal early in 2011.

Vienna, a Karito Kids Pita.  She's half sister to Charisma.  
It was kind of fate that I created this character and then found her 
on a really great sale the next day.

Allie, a Gotz Precious Day Jessica.  I got her for $12.50 on sale at
Tuesday Morning.  She's Wendy's cousin.  I love her innocent face.

Mary Anne, a Gotz Little Sister Tess.  She's based on Mary Anne Spier from
the Baby-Sitter's Club.

Claudia, a Journey Girls Callie.  She's based on Claudia Kishi from
the Baby-Sitter's Club.

Stacey, a Journey Girls Meredith.  She's based on Stacey McGill from
the Baby-Sitter's Club.  (I'm hoping to add a Kristy to this
little subgroup soon!)

Anthony is a Springfield Collection doll I grabbed to a body swap with another doll.  The bodies weren't exactly interchangeable though so I gave the doll a haircut and took a little nail polish remover to the unnaturally hot pink lips and created my second boy doll, someone to hang out with Peter when all the girls get to be way too much.

Aida is a Madame Alexander doll.  I fell in love with her hair.

My Addy finally got her baby sister Esther in the form of a Berenguer Fun Felisha.