Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why, McKenna?

So, it's new release day... err, I mean, New Year's Day... again!  This is my favorite and least favorite day as an AG collector.  (Remember the birth of this blog?) And by now you've all seen McKenna and her fabulously expensive collection.

The thing that seems most unfair about this whole McKenna deal is the fact that I really, really like her.  And a lot of her things.  Her very expensive things.

Now, for Christmas I got my dear little Ellen.  I got her instead of Cécile, who I also wanted pretty badly.  But I did that with the understanding in my mind that C would be my next doll.  I had no plans to fall for McKenna.  Now I have to decide which to ask for for my birthday and which to ask for for Christmas.  I also hope to get a job soon... maybe I could ask for the dolls for gifts on those said days from my loving and supportive mom and start saving my own money for their collections.

So my collecting plan for this year will revolve around getting things here and there for the fabulous Miss Wainwright (Ellen), getting the last couple of things I need from AG for Addy, and getting Cécile and McKenna.

Maybe I'll get lucky in my interest in McKenna will lessen as her newness dies down.  I mean, I don't see that happening... I don't usually get this much of a doll lust for something just because it's new.  Right now, I want McKenna so bad that I keep looking at my existing dolls to figure out which one(s) I wouldn't miss.  The last time I felt like this was about Ivy.  My interest for her came out of nowhere and I obsessed about her until I had her (and she's still one of my favorite dollies ever).

This would be so much easier if this doll stuff didn't cost as much as good cocaine.  Not that I've been pricing cocaine.  Just hearsay.  Today I started thinking about selling my eggs so I could buy that damned expensive but unfortunately delightful loft bed.  *sigh*

Okay, that's enough whining.

On an unrelated note, I'm dying to sew up some stuff for Ellen.  I have fabric and ideas, but I'm chicken.  I got  a sewing machine on black friday, but I haven't used it yet.  I was never good at machine sewing, but I'm dying to learn.  But my paranoid ass is convinced that I'm going to screw up the machine immediately.  I even went to Jo-Ann's the other day and bought a bunch of patterns (which were on the best sale EVER!) for people sized clothes to inspire me to get started.  I figured I can start sewing for my dolls and once I get confident doing that, I can make some things for myself.  But I'll never get confident at sewing if I'm too lacking in confidence to even start.  Someone motivate me!  I need someone to force me off my dead ass and set me down in front of the machine.  Oh, well.

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  1. I love your blog. I am sure that I found it through AG Playthings, but it was just sitting here, in an open tab and I honestly don't recall.

    McKenna is adorable, isn't she? She just looks to much like Elizabeth for me to really want to buy her, especially since my Elizabeth is missing her pincurls (a fact that the seller neglected to mention until she was about to be shipped). I do love a lot of her collection, though, but not enough to buy the bed to get the accessories.

    Good luck with sewing. Kwik Sew has a really easy 18 in doll pattern that would be a great place to start. It is a bit pricey and they never go on good sales, but the ease of the pattern and the well thought out instructions are so worth it. I hope you post your clothes as you make them!