Sunday, October 5, 2014

zomg fashionable new clothes!!1!

The title of this post doesn't exaggerate my excitement.  I got a bunch of cute new things from the fabulous etsy shop magoogesmusedesigns and my girls had a big fist fight to see who would model them.  Alice, McKenna, Holland (my newest doll -- the gorgeous #61) and Wendy won.  I also have a few more things yet to be modeled, but I bought most of this stuff with Holland in mind.  She's got a certain style and color palette that AG tends not to cater to.  Thank goodness for talented seamstresses!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gonna Do Right This Time (AKA Recent Acquisitions)

Hello all!  It's been WAAAAAY too long since I've updated this blog, and for that I'm honestly sorry.  Life has been... difficult... to say the least for me, and between battling depression, anxiety, and every possible financial woe, I haven't spent much time with my doll collection, let alone added much to it.  But lately I've been finding fun in my dolls again and enjoying what I have, so I want to participate more in the collecting community... like I used to.

But just because I'm working on enjoying what I have doesn't mean I don't want more.  LOL, y'all know me better than that.

So I'm going to share the things I've gotten recently (and by recently I mean over the last several months).

First, I got a few GREAT pieces from etsy shop closet4chloe.  All three of these pieces, which are well made, versatile, and CUTE cost $29 total, shipping included... can't go wrong there.

I also got this really cute OG outfit from Target.

And a couple months back, some friends and I made a trip to AGPLA (so she could get her adorable #58, Olympia!).  Alice got a new outfit and the girls got a PWP t-shirt set to share.

I even got a new OG girl to hang out with my massive crew.

But most exciting was when Wendy and I flew to Minnesota to visit my very dear friend and we visited the AGP in the Mall of America!  We all had tea, and Wendy got a new outfit and souvenir t-shirt.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New release time again?! 2/14/13 Spring release thoughts

Hello, friends and fellow collectors!  Long time no blog, I know.  Life has been unkind to me and my family, and for whatever reason I haven't much felt like doing anything that could end up in socializing.  But I try, I try.  I'm here today to talk about the awesome new releases of V-Day '13. I'm not going to try to get to everything... while I do have an opinion on pretty much everything (doll related and otherwise), I'm only going to discuss the things I feel strongly about.

So let's start in the boudoir! *cue music*

Olly Molly, the doll voted Most Likely to Be Archived three years running in the AG yearbook, has a new bed and new PJs!  And, the kick in the pants is that they are limited edition.  Now the PJs are a doable $24 and have already announced that they need me to buy them for Ellen.  But the bed, which is quite darling (if a tad monochromatic), is a tougher pill to swallow at $94.  It's not the price so much as the fact that we will surely have less than a year to decide/save/purchase/stash.  AG has been overwhelming collectors a bit too much lately.  We're to be expected to get new historical things and Saige things AND still keep roofs over our heads.  I know, I know... you can't have everything.  But some people would get everything if they had the time to space out the purchases.  But this LE label moves merch, and if Molly does get the ax this year, her stuff will go quickly.  I like the bed, but my Molly has the hideous, er... I mean... classic red bed.  I am considering this bed for Ivy, but honestly, I'm not getting my hopes up that I will be able to afford the bed.  I've got to try and prioritize the things on my want list.  

Then, we have Caroline's work dress.

Talk about cute, amiright?  I about died when I saw this dress.  I remember seeing the illustration of this outfit and seeing it in the paper dolls, but for once, AG improved over the artwork in the actual outfit.  I love that it comes with the cap and the perfect little boots.  I'm swooning again.  I don't have Caroline (yet), but this perfect little outfit is definitely on my wishlist.  I've always loved the girls' work dresses and I like that they made one for Caroline.  Kudos, AG!

And the sleeper hit of the release, the lemonade stand!

Okay, how cute is this?  The twins don't usually have a lot of stuff that interests me, but I'm really into this lemonade stand.  The art work on the box is so flower power and vaguely '70s that I can't stop seeing Ivy selling lemonade.  My Ivy even has this super cute little yellow summer dress that would look perfect on her.  My only concern is that, since this set is designed for the BTs, that the stand won't be high enough.  But even so, Ivy could always bring a chair, since she'll be hard at work all afternoon.  This little set has me hooked, I'm afraid to say!

Now, I won't get into the MyAG stuff just now.  I love the bike, but it's cost prohibitive.  I really like the Sweet Spring dress and the Easy Breezy outfit as well, so they'll be going on the wishlist.

Anyways, thanks to the few of you that may read this thing all the way to the end.  Go ahead and drop me a comment with your thoughts on the new release!  

Forever dolling, 
Bre, AKA Buckingham Alice

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Kindness of Friends

Today when I came home from spending the day out with some friends, I found an envelope waiting on my desk.  Inside the envelope was a lovely little surprise... a Jonas Brothers t-shirt for my dolls!  The Jonas Brothers have been a favorite band of mine since early 2007... there is much more to them than meets the eye.  I have three jB t-shirts for myself, so now that my mini-me Alice has one, we can really match.

Thanks so much to Karen and Syd for the lovely surprise!

Here are some pics:

Happy Alice doing the fan girl thing:

Joe and Kevin:

Couldn't get a good angle for Nick, but still Nick and Joe.

Here's the graphic:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kindred Thread Vintage Valentine Dress

Yay, first new doll dress of the year!  My last dolly clothing squee was Addy's brown floral suit waaaay back last October!  

Anyways, JoniLynn of Kindred Thread makes THE most adorable '50s style outfits.  Being someone who loves fantastically made doll clothes and '50s styles, I'm always bowled over by the fantasticness of her things.  But the Vintage Valentine dress from the February release was so cute I literally could not pass it up!  (Well, it's technically my Valentine's Day present from my understanding mother, but she's letting me have it early so I don't pass out from anticipation or something. =P)

My #4, Lucy, is the lucky model of this fab dress.  She's not really a dress type gal, but she is a lover of all things vintage and cute, so it wasn't hard to get her to agree to model this one. ;)

This is approximately the cutest dress ever. =D

This dress looks so perfect on Lucy Goosey.

Look how happy she looks. =)  Of course, I can never let her see JoniLynn's pics on their site... she'll want the cat's eye glasses (which would probably look fab on her, now that I think of it...)

From behind.  You can't see it because of her hair, but the dress closes with lovely little vintage looking mother of pearl type buttons.  Forgive the sloppiness of that ribbon bow... there was a cat tugging on it... *sigh*

Close up of the fabric of the skirt.  The fabric is the sweetest print... perfect for a sweet little girl to wear to a Valentine party.  And I also love the fullness of the skirt.  I've been meaning to order one of those adorable fluffy flouncy petticoats they make... would have made this dress even cuter!

Close up on the bodice.  Adorable rickrack and yummy darts.  I love the neckline as well... I like that's a bit scoopy but doesn't plunge.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why, McKenna?

So, it's new release day... err, I mean, New Year's Day... again!  This is my favorite and least favorite day as an AG collector.  (Remember the birth of this blog?) And by now you've all seen McKenna and her fabulously expensive collection.

The thing that seems most unfair about this whole McKenna deal is the fact that I really, really like her.  And a lot of her things.  Her very expensive things.

Now, for Christmas I got my dear little Ellen.  I got her instead of Cécile, who I also wanted pretty badly.  But I did that with the understanding in my mind that C would be my next doll.  I had no plans to fall for McKenna.  Now I have to decide which to ask for for my birthday and which to ask for for Christmas.  I also hope to get a job soon... maybe I could ask for the dolls for gifts on those said days from my loving and supportive mom and start saving my own money for their collections.

So my collecting plan for this year will revolve around getting things here and there for the fabulous Miss Wainwright (Ellen), getting the last couple of things I need from AG for Addy, and getting Cécile and McKenna.

Maybe I'll get lucky in my interest in McKenna will lessen as her newness dies down.  I mean, I don't see that happening... I don't usually get this much of a doll lust for something just because it's new.  Right now, I want McKenna so bad that I keep looking at my existing dolls to figure out which one(s) I wouldn't miss.  The last time I felt like this was about Ivy.  My interest for her came out of nowhere and I obsessed about her until I had her (and she's still one of my favorite dollies ever).

This would be so much easier if this doll stuff didn't cost as much as good cocaine.  Not that I've been pricing cocaine.  Just hearsay.  Today I started thinking about selling my eggs so I could buy that damned expensive but unfortunately delightful loft bed.  *sigh*

Okay, that's enough whining.

On an unrelated note, I'm dying to sew up some stuff for Ellen.  I have fabric and ideas, but I'm chicken.  I got  a sewing machine on black friday, but I haven't used it yet.  I was never good at machine sewing, but I'm dying to learn.  But my paranoid ass is convinced that I'm going to screw up the machine immediately.  I even went to Jo-Ann's the other day and bought a bunch of patterns (which were on the best sale EVER!) for people sized clothes to inspire me to get started.  I figured I can start sewing for my dolls and once I get confident doing that, I can make some things for myself.  But I'll never get confident at sewing if I'm too lacking in confidence to even start.  Someone motivate me!  I need someone to force me off my dead ass and set me down in front of the machine.  Oh, well.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meet Ellen

So, I've been talking about how I was going to post about my Christmas doll since like before Halloween, lol.  Here it is, after Christmas, and I'm getting around to the post!

Meet Mary Ellen Wainwright, or Ellen, as she prefers to be called.  She's a renamed Ruthie -- an original character, my first "created" historical.  Her stories (which I plan to actually write) take place between 1938 and 1941.

Here's a little background.  Ellen is 11 years old and her parents are Hollywood actors.  Her father is an Academy Award winner and her mother is an aging starlet.  Because her parents are so busy, she goes to a boarding school on the east coast.  She's shy and a bit quiet, and she hates for people to find out who her parents are because she's been used by fame seekers before.  Her best friend is her roommate at school, a girl named Nancy who is often teased by their classmates because she's a bit chubby and has a lisp.  Ellen loves animals, fairytales and romance stories, Mickey Mouse, tennis, movies starring anyone but her parents, and the Hollywood Stars baseball team (of which her father is part owner).

I'm planning to either make or commission a school uniform, a set of period appropriate tennis whites, and a Stars jersey and ball cap.

As for the doll herself, I think she's really lovely.  She has a really sweet face.  Her hair is really soft, but the hairnet and travel messed it up some, and a considerable amount of the curl has relaxed on one side.  I spritzed her hair some and tried to finger curl it back... it helped a bit, but it still doesn't look 100%.  But I'm not too disappointed... this character isn't terribly fussy so her hair wouldn't be perfect all the time anyways.

Well, here are more pics, including a comparison with Molly, my only other grey eyed girl.