Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Addy's New Suit

So, we're totally aware that my Addy is the most spoiled doll I have.  Well, some time back, I decided that I really, really wanted my Addy to have a deep chocolatey brown outfit.  I was really spurred on by Kindred Thread's Chartres Street outfit in their French Quarter release last month.  (I actually tried to buy it but the stars didn't line up as such.)

So I decided to contact Terrie from All Dolled Up, and asked her if she could make a version of Addy's school suit in a chocolatey brown floral.  I knew right away that I wanted gold ribbon trim.  She sent me a picture of several different fabric choices soon, and she and I both liked this one best.  When the outfit arrived, I was amazed.  I'm used to her top notch work, but the combination of the world's most gorgeous fabric, gold braid, her beautiful and detailed craftsmanship, and great packaging was almost too much... I nearly cried!  

Doesn't Addy look happy?

So as I'm laying this out to take this picture, I'm in a complete state of dollgasm.  I've never had an outfit that looked so... exactly how I saw it in my mind.  It was like my mental image came to life in 1:3 scale.

Addy modelling her new ensemble with her birthday blouse.  The cream color of the blouse perfectly compliments the brown and gold of the suit.

I think the colors look amazing on her.  You would think the chocolatey brown would wash her out, but no.

And we even have a lovely gold hair ribbon.  Perfect touch.  (Fun fact: It's the same ribbon that Terrie used on Felicity's Town Fair dress and mob cap.  When I commissioned that dress from her, she said she was planning on adding that to her site anyways.  This further proves that I have a creative seamstress style mind.  It's just my hands that haven't heard the news. =P)

I love this fabric.  Paisley floral is so beautiful, and it just looks Victorian.  Pretty perfect.

I'm not going to be tacky and tell you how much I paid for this, but I will say that it cost less than the crinoline Addy's been hinting around about.  (Wow, bad grammar... but you know what I mean. =P)

But imagine how lovely that skirt is going to look poofed out with a crinoline underneath.  Soon, my dear... soon.

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  1. Addy looks so beautiful in her new suit. We made a good choice on that print, didn't we?

    Thank you so much for your kind words and post. I love my customers!