Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome, Lea!

I've been away from this blog for some time, mostly as I haven't really felt like writing.  That's a thin excuse, I know... but that's all I have.  Depression is a hell of a predicament.  I haven't really gotten much joy from my collection in some time... and I've not added to my collection in some months.  I got Caroline for my birthday in August, and a #27 earlier in the year.  But after these dolls, if there's one thing I'm more tired of than classic mold it's blond hair.  Which brings me to my disappointment over our new GOTY.

Don't get me wrong.  Lea is VERY pretty.  Her collection has a few fun things.  But overall I can help but yawn and say meh.  Part of this, I'm sure, is personal.  Yes, she's in the blonde spectrum and I've recently gotten a couple of blondes.  I also really liked Grace, but due to financial BS and life kicking my ass all damn year, I wasn't able to get her or anything from her collection.  And also... I hate to fall back on this, but I don't enjoy much of anything anymore because depression has taken whatever part of me that used to seek fun and pretty things and replaced it with another part of me to seek sleep and quiet places to cry and walls to stare at.  

But as pretty as Lea is, part of my boredom is the fact that yet another goes by and we have yet to have a black GOTY.  I don't know Lea's racial or ethnic background.... maybe she's part Brazilian?  That's quite lovely.  But come on AG.  It's 2016.  Branch out.  Part of my boredom is that her theme seems to be a rehash of Jess (with a dash of Kanani) and her looks are equal parts Kanani and Rebecca with a bit of Marisol thrown in for seasoning, and I have all of those dolls.

So while I am happy for those of you who're excited for Lea and while I enjoyed looking at her collection last night after midnight, I have to say that right now I can't see myself purchasing her.  Right now, I'm a little bored.

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