Thursday, February 14, 2013

New release time again?! 2/14/13 Spring release thoughts

Hello, friends and fellow collectors!  Long time no blog, I know.  Life has been unkind to me and my family, and for whatever reason I haven't much felt like doing anything that could end up in socializing.  But I try, I try.  I'm here today to talk about the awesome new releases of V-Day '13. I'm not going to try to get to everything... while I do have an opinion on pretty much everything (doll related and otherwise), I'm only going to discuss the things I feel strongly about.

So let's start in the boudoir! *cue music*

Olly Molly, the doll voted Most Likely to Be Archived three years running in the AG yearbook, has a new bed and new PJs!  And, the kick in the pants is that they are limited edition.  Now the PJs are a doable $24 and have already announced that they need me to buy them for Ellen.  But the bed, which is quite darling (if a tad monochromatic), is a tougher pill to swallow at $94.  It's not the price so much as the fact that we will surely have less than a year to decide/save/purchase/stash.  AG has been overwhelming collectors a bit too much lately.  We're to be expected to get new historical things and Saige things AND still keep roofs over our heads.  I know, I know... you can't have everything.  But some people would get everything if they had the time to space out the purchases.  But this LE label moves merch, and if Molly does get the ax this year, her stuff will go quickly.  I like the bed, but my Molly has the hideous, er... I mean... classic red bed.  I am considering this bed for Ivy, but honestly, I'm not getting my hopes up that I will be able to afford the bed.  I've got to try and prioritize the things on my want list.  

Then, we have Caroline's work dress.

Talk about cute, amiright?  I about died when I saw this dress.  I remember seeing the illustration of this outfit and seeing it in the paper dolls, but for once, AG improved over the artwork in the actual outfit.  I love that it comes with the cap and the perfect little boots.  I'm swooning again.  I don't have Caroline (yet), but this perfect little outfit is definitely on my wishlist.  I've always loved the girls' work dresses and I like that they made one for Caroline.  Kudos, AG!

And the sleeper hit of the release, the lemonade stand!

Okay, how cute is this?  The twins don't usually have a lot of stuff that interests me, but I'm really into this lemonade stand.  The art work on the box is so flower power and vaguely '70s that I can't stop seeing Ivy selling lemonade.  My Ivy even has this super cute little yellow summer dress that would look perfect on her.  My only concern is that, since this set is designed for the BTs, that the stand won't be high enough.  But even so, Ivy could always bring a chair, since she'll be hard at work all afternoon.  This little set has me hooked, I'm afraid to say!

Now, I won't get into the MyAG stuff just now.  I love the bike, but it's cost prohibitive.  I really like the Sweet Spring dress and the Easy Breezy outfit as well, so they'll be going on the wishlist.

Anyways, thanks to the few of you that may read this thing all the way to the end.  Go ahead and drop me a comment with your thoughts on the new release!  

Forever dolling, 
Bre, AKA Buckingham Alice


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and have realized we think almost exactly alike!

  2. Oh, I missed the lemonade stand! I don't pay attention to BT stuff, but that sure is cute. While I'm not likely to get it (I've all the stuff I need to set up my own doll lemonade stand - I've done it before!), I can't wait to see others using it in scenes.

    I just about died when I saw Caroline's work dress, too. The birthday dress used to be my favorite Caroline dress, but this one tops that! I didn't even want Caroline, but the dress (almost) convinced me that I needed her. I'll settle for putting it on my custom #24, I think. I can't believe how detailed it is, and I love the pink and green together.

    I'm very happy with Molly's new PJs and bed. I love the yellow (the child in me died when I saw that the bed was yellow - that was my favorite color back in the day!). I still think I want Rebecca's bed more, but I'm very happy to see that hideous red thing gone.

    Of course, I'd also really like Saige...and I'm not exactly made of money, so...I don't know what I will buy.


  3. I like Molly's bed but the price... I'll try to convince myself that it's ugly. Caroline's work dress is cute but I think I might be able to make something like that myself. I would die for a doll bike but probably by trying to work that money together, too...