Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Addy and Kirsten go to Cowboy Camp

So, if you didn't already know this, I'm a big history nerd.  So when a friend asked me to go with her to an event at our local museum called the Lamplight Tour as a part of a cowboy camp this past Saturday, I got pretty excited.  Well, this is my second time doing this and I decided to bring my Addy and Kirsten.  The reenactors we went with do a chuck wagon like out on the old west, circa the 1870s or 1880s.  Since that was so adjacent to their time (and since I've wanted to take them out to the museum which is affectionately known as Pioneer Village for ages) I decided I had to bring the girls.

Before I go any further, I'll tell you a bit more about the event.  And by "I'll tell you" I mean I'll copy and paste  from the Kern County Museum website.

"During Clock Tower Holidays, the historic homes are beautifully decorated in seasonal splendor. On the special night of Holiday Lamplight Tours, visitors take a ride on a horse-drawn wagon and see the soft glow of lanterns throughout the village. Costumed villagers welcome visitors to the homes and business, and take visitors back to a simpler era when family and friends gathered together to celebrate this special time of year. In the Bandstand Green, local entertainers provide a magnificent array of holiday music for your enjoyment. There will also be organ music in St. John's Episcopal Mission, a hand-bell choir at the Woody General Store, and piano music in the Howell House."

Addy and Kirsten were big hits.  When we arrived and before the event really kicked off, we went around and looked at some of the houses.  Addy and Kirsten got their picture taken in front of the Barnes house, an awesome log cabin and the first house in Pioneer Village.  I also took a few pics of them hanging out back at camp, as well as some pics of the camp that I can't resist posting.

So Addy and Kirsten got lots of compliments and lots of people talked to me about them.  It was really fun... they got christened celebridolls before the evening was out.  =)

One little boy in particular became quite enamored with the dolls.  He loved them, their clothes, their shoes, their hair.  I let him play with them both -- he rocked them, sang to them, told them stories, and pretended he was Santa and asked them what they wanted for Christmas.  He was pretty much the cutest and sweetest little boys ever!  He eventually climbed in my lap with the dolls where he sat comfortably until his parents practically had to drag him home.  It was a really great experience.

And for my last parting picture, I'll show you me and Kirsten, both in gingham bonnets.  I rented the bonnet from a costume place on the day of, so I didn't know I'd be getting a matchy-matchy one.

And in case you happen to be reading this blog on a regular basis and are wondering what happened to that post about my Christmas doll, I haven't forgotten!  Very soon... I promise!


  1. Very neat. I love history too and this would have been right up my alley. Love the cabin, I've always wanted to live in one.