Saturday, September 10, 2011

New goodies for Addy and Felicity

Several days ago, the mail truck brought happiness to my house.  I used some cat sitting and late birthday money to buy goodies for historical girls.

Mail call...

 Addy received her embroidery hoop and apron!  I bought these from someone on AGPT for $7.  (I hope it's not gauche to quote a figure...)  There's a small stain on the apron, but I may be able to get it out.  For $7, I'll certainly try!

Addy immediately clamped the hoop down and wanted to try her hand at embroidery, but I asked her to smile for a picture first.  (And for anyone who wonders, I got Addy's snood in a set of four from ebay seller drommer0 last year.  I've read that snoods are actually anachronistic for her period... she'd have worn a hairnet in a color to match her hair.  But I can overlook that info... I love snoods!! I have one myself.)

Addy had to try on her apron despite the fact that it obviously doesn't fit  over her school suit.

Happy Felicity received her fashion doll and invitation.  I got this set from another seller on AGPT for $19.  The doll is sort of TLC because she was bitten by a cat in her previous life.  The damage isn't bad and may be fixable... it looks more or less like chipped paint.

Sorry this pic came out so blurry... I meant it to show how okay the dolly looks, but that didn't work out so well.  You'll have to take my word for it. ;)

And as a bonus shot, I'm happy that all my historicals and my two historical best friends now have dolls.  I'm sure you'll recognize them all but Ivy's (bottom right).  I got her doll at a local antique store.  

I like all my dolls to have dolls.  Plus I hate it when all my historicals but one or two have a specific type of item.  When I got Josefina's Indigo Skirt and Camisa for my birthday, I felt this real push  to get Lissie's Laced Jacket and Petticoat.  My mom surprised me with it not long after that.

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  1. They look happy to have their items! On my long list of dolly projects is making my own version of Addy's embroidered apron.

    And yay for Felicity getting her doll; my Lissie loves hers. All my historicals except Kaya and Kit so far, have their dolls. Kaya and Kit will hopefully get theirs at some point.