Friday, September 16, 2011

Thrift store find: Book Shelf

So, I'm always reading these incredible stories from other doll collectors... you know the sort of thing.  "I went to goodwill yesterday and found 12 hard to find retired outfits and accessory sets plus 5 dolls in fantastic shape for a dollar!!"  Okay, jealously makes me exaggerate, but still.  I always dream about the sort of thing I may someday find in a thrift store, antique store, or yard sale.  I have found some non AG things I was able to adapt for my dolls and I once found a PC Samantha school desk.  Since I still dream of that super steal, when my aunt said something about wanting to go to a thrift store to look for a pair of pants for work, I volunteered to go with.

Well, there was no super steal.  But I did find something sort of cute.  I got a little rack that could work as a small bookshelf in a modern girl's room.  I've included pics of it filled with books and with a doll and other furniture to show the scale.

Now, as you can see, it's a little small scalewise, but it is cute and it works.  Some of the books don't fit very well, but a lot of them work well.  I think it might look cute next to the AG storage tower or something similar as an additional shelf.  I love that storage tower but can't afford its $85 price tag.  At $3.64, this, however, is going to work just fine for now.  

For the record, this TS did have a couple of AG items, but they were books that I already have.  There was one of the books that came with the modern girls during the time they came in the I Like Your Style outfit, and  Kirsten and Samantha story collection books (the ones with all six books printed in one volume).  

And in case anyone is wondering, my all time best doll related deal was not in the AG world.  A couple of years ago, I got a 1961 Barbie Dream House on eBay for like $1.25.  It's in beautiful condition and is only missing one of B's little "record albums."  

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  1. Cute little book shelf. I keep meaning to get one or two for my dolls.